Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Entry #1: The House Party

The following several entries are going to be individual entries that document my Christmas Vacation. You see, NOVA teachers have all received December 27th-January 4th off from work! How sweet is that?! Sure, they're a heartless corporation who overcharge poor, unsuspecting Japanese people only interested in bettering their English speaking abilities in order to function abroad, but when it comes to giving teachers a bit o' Christmas cheer they know what present we all like: no work! And this is not going to be a relaxing, sit-back-and-relax kind of vacation, oh no! It's going to be action-packed with me exhausted but well-travelled and full of stories!

This first entry concerns the very first instance of Christmas vacation: the night of December 26th. Andrew and I had a house party a while back which was said to be the shindig of the year, so we thought that with the upcoming holidays and the lack of work the next day that another house party was in order. But this time rather than section the party off to just Andrew's room and the living room we decided to open the large double doors that connect Andrew's room to my room, clear out everything and anything of value and make one large party room and one chill-out room. After a lot of work on our parts, the stage was set. The house was ready. Mother Nature was not.

Japan, and more specifically Yokohama, was hit with typoon-like rain making the walk to the house more of an adventure than a leisurely stroll uphill. Rain, wind, more rain, lightning, more rain, thunder, a helluva lot of rain and freezing cold temperatures made the idea of going to a house party seem less than appealing for many people. So the turn-out that was expected dropped drastically. Though this was not the worst thing to happen to the party, cause really, a packed house where no-one can move or dance or breath isn't really that much fun. But this was actually quite the fun little party with a whole lot of hijinx. There were dirty Santa costumes worn by both men and women, there was a ridiculously tacky Christmas zip-up adorned with reindeers and a lovely Santa hat, there were bad English hats worn by myself and Andrew's girlfriend Souri, there was drinking, there was Family Guy, there was just a lot of random craziness. For more proof, check out the pictures on the picture site. I warn you now that some are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

The most fun part of the house party actually came the day after the festivities. Andrew and I woke up to a +20 degree day! +20!!! In Decemeber!!! I actually had to open windows and turn on my A/C I was so warm. The sun was shining, there were very few clouds in the sky and there was no sign of work to be found on the horizon! The only thing that made the morning pretty crappy was the clean-up of the party afternath. Luckily, Andrew and I are pretty effecient and clean-up breezed by. With Danny, the other roommate, in Tokyo, Andrew and I took the day to relax, watch some Family Guy, have our traditional weekend pancake breakfast, play video games, make joke after joke about the random losers who showed up at the end of the house party and ate all of our ice cream bars. It was so relaxing that we didn't even bother making ourselves look presentable when we finally left the house to grab a Yoshinoya dinner. It was just nice to relax and shoot the shit with Andrew. For all the minor problems I've had with him the good definately outweighs the bad anyday.

So now I am packing for Part 2 of my holiday. Stay tuned around the 29th/30th for my next entry.

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year! Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Grammas thank you for the gifts! Jessica, thank you for the gifts and the key ingredient: Tim Hortons. Erin, Anna, Lisa, thanks for the Christmas card! Everyone else, thanks for the email wishes. Christmas was definately a solemn experience this year, one of which I hope to never repeat on my own.

Take care!


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