Thursday, November 23, 2006

Part II - November 22nd

You really don't want a weekend to begin with nothing but enjoyment and satisfaction. I got lucky this weekend since Pancake Day was in fuill effect! Andrew and I have started a routine on our weekends that involvs cooking pancakes and watching Futurama. Last weekend it was sorely missed due to all of the antics at Doma Doma. This weekend was back to the same with the addition of Danny, the new roommate. Since I came here, the crazy bag man, Russle, had plagued our house with rumours and weirdness the likes that I have never seen. His room: coated in plastic bags. His attitude: enclosed and isolated. His presence: frightening in the creepy, Hannibal Lector kind of way. He left on Wednesday of last weekend and Danny, the new roommate arrived on Thursday. He has fit right in with Andrew and I, and so far no plastic bags!

After pancakes that feeling of bitterness and frustrastion crept into the weekend. Andrew and I wanted to help Danny get his phone but, due to some bad advice from NOVA, his forms needed to be redone. As anyone knows when dealing with the government and beurocratic bullshit you always want to start early. Andrew had other plans. 12 came and did 1...2...finally at 3, as I was waiting for a call from Rina about what we were going to do today, Andrew dresses and decides that its time to go. "Yes sit, oh captain my captain!" Ugh. So we get there and after much waiting and time-wasting Danny's forms are royally forked. He needs to travel elsewhere and then travel all the way back. Oh, and the offices close in two hours. Good luck Danny! Hopefully you don't hold too much bitterness! I know I do! Danny takes off and I am saved by a text from Rina. Oh, glorious Angel of Mercy, remove my from the dope. I tip out of the door and head off to meet up with a normal friend.

Getting to Rina was an event in itself. Since she came to my neighbourhood last time, I thought I would go to hers this time. Seems like a fair trade-off. But the problem is that I am a complete idiot when it comes to travelling to unknown destinations. Oh, and my cell phone is dangerously low to dying! Op, scratch's dead! Quick! Find a charger in the local convenience store! 10 minutes! Damn it! Alright, call Rina. I've already taken three trains, looks like I'm taking a fourth! Damn it, it's taking so long! I really need to stop listening to the roommate and stick to my own schedule! Finally, I arrived well over an hour and a half late, apologetic and bitter to the nth degree. Hopefully this fun outing with Rina will clear that up.

Lo and behold the Angel of Mercy cures my ails with the simple mention of a yakitori restaurant. Yakitori is food BBQ'd on a stick. Can't go wrong with that. Oh, and Rina is apparently starving so we go nuts on the menu ordering dish after dish. We sit and eat, chatting about all sorts of different topics, laughing our asses off at the liver Rina ordered, my utter disgust for it and the menu that labelled one of teh items as "Head Part." God knows what part of the head it was but we were not adventurous enough to try it. We just had the liver, intestines and chicken that night. Maybe next time, eh Rina?

After dinner we headed to a club called Gas Panic that is popular for having an interesting guest list, decent music and cheap alcohol. Happy hour has been extended to all night for the entire month of Novemeber. Coors Light for 4 bucks a bottle! Sweet Angel of Mercy, this is a glorious trip. That wasn't even the highlight of the night! There was this guy, a 40something business man in a wine red shirt cutting a mean rug on the dance floor to any song that was played. And not only did he know the moves he knew each song and all of the words. This man, ladies and gentlemen, is a weirdo regular. What a maniac. I said to Rina that I was going to shit myself if he broke out the Moonwalk. And wouldn't you know it, I needed a new pair of boxers only three songs later. What a night.

On the walk back, Rina and I played "Would You Rather..." with some of the more interesting questions a couple of people could come up with. I think if you really want to know a person you need to find out who they would rather sleep with (a diseased celebrity or a clean homeless person) or what they would rather do with their bodies (swim in a pool filled with pee or lick a sidewalk in the nastiest part of Tokyo). Truly a night to remember. At least there was no head part involved. I managed to catch every last train and make it to my house with no injuries to report and with a hope that the roommate isn't a moron the next day.

Stay tuned! Part III in only mere seconds!


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oey Vey! That seems like quite the day! I am becoming rather afraid of the Japanese cusine, head parts, oh my....but I suppose its not any worse then the Whale Blubber I've eaten! Good on ya Don!!

~ Jessica


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