Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Weekend: Day One

This has been one busy weekend! So busy, in fact, that it requires two seperate entries just to cover the entire thing! Who knew one person could pack so much into two days? Maybe that's why I'm so good at Tetris: my ability to put pieces perfectly together to make it all work seems to come in handy when planning a day trip or packing four rooms worth of stuff into one Dodge Caravan. So, here is what I did on Wednesday, the first day of my weekend.

I had made plans to meet up with Rina on Wednesday. Rina is a friend of Heidi, one of my bestest good friends from my antics and shenanigans at York. Rina had lived in Vancouver for 10 years and met Heidi during high school. Fastforward 10 years and you get Heidi telling Don to contact Rina since she just recently moved back to Japan. Luckily, I got placed only 30 minutes away from Rina so we decided to meet a month ago. Since it had been so long since we last got together I thought another meeting was needed. So on Wednesday Rina came to Yokohama to visit. We wandered around downtown Yokohama, checked out the ridiculous clothing stores in the Vivre mall, looked at a miniature Japanese IKEA and talked about blood types. Random, I know, but fun nonetheless. Then we moved to Sakuragicho, my favourite place in Yokohama. We headed to the malls around Landmark Tower and that's when we came across the LEGO store. Now, I've been there before but never in a capacity as this day. Rina and I leapt at the LEGO building table like rabid dogs on a pound of flesh. LEGOs flew left, right and centre, barely avoiding the bright, shining eyes of innocent children who have had their playtime cut short by a crazy-eyed white man and his small but fiery Japanese friend.

40 minutes later we had completed our masterpieces: a LEGO Cairo complete with pyramids and a killer treefort. Realizing how much time we had just spent in that store we left with our shining LEGO monuments as souveniers for those left in our wake. After that we checked out some very cool plant store, where I bought my first plant. It's not a large plant but I do have to grow it from seeds and not just maintain an already living plant. I have named him Chuck the Plant (if anyone gets that reference I will be utterly amazed) and will keep all of my avid readers updated on his progress. From there Rina and I drifted to the ground floor and found Cold Stone Creameries. I had been craving this Food of the Gods for quite some time, so it was nice to relax and chat over a frozen piece of Heaven. Rina got the Island Life mixture (minus the mango) and I got the now-classic Cheescake Fantasy. My, what a treat that was!

After a bit more wandering and a lot of stories about creepy peep-hole removers and bag-loving roommates we decided to call it a day. The end to a very pleasant and relaxing day. Next time Rina, I'll come back to Tokyo and you can show me some of your haunts! And we'll hit up a gelato place next time, as well! The photos from the LEGO store fiasco are up so take a look while picturing Don and Rina ravaging the LEGO table away from little Japanese children. We must've crushed so many hearts that day......oh well! I got to build a sweet-ass pyramid!

Side Story: I don't think I've told many of you about my creepy roommate. In my apartment there are two roommates: Andrew and Russ. Andrew is the cool Brit who showed me around from Day 1. Russ is the creepy American whose room is filled with plastic bags. I shit you not! Plastic bags a-plenty! We looked in the belly of the beast two days ago and saw that Russ' futon is in the centre of the room and is surrounded by an ocean of plastic bags! We needed to see if there was a giant crucifix on the wall (there were rumours...) Finding none Andrew and I pulled our heads out of the room and realized that we had just burnt the image of Hell into our minds for all eternity.

Well, Russ is leaving on the 17th of November. He's been in Japan for over 5 years so he felt that it was nice to leave. And what a legacy he has left! Not to mention a mountain of plastic that would make any avenue on garbage day look like a joke! Andrew and I are elated that he is leaving because now we don't have to worry about coming home to Russ standing at the front door with an axe and a pile of bags to catch our falling body parts. But at the same time we are scared that the bags will be left behind. Russ is going to be doing a bit of last-minute travelling before leaving, which means that he doesn't have a lot of time left to clean up. I feel bad for the poor sap moving into that room considering the crap that is in there but, at the same time, I fear to tread in there not knowing what the hell I may find. Here's to hoping the bags leave us soon!


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Heidi said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! this entry had me laughing on the ground in tears. too funny! oh my, what a freak show of a roommate you have! sure glad he is leaving. now he can't mop around or play the same tune 10 times in a row!

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you considered the possibility that he has been saving up those bag for five years in order to move back to America with them? Maybe he doesn't have any luggage and so he has been waiting all this time to get enough bags to move himself back?

Finally he has enough bags, he must be very happy. Or maybe he sw that movie where the weird kid tapes the plastic bag floating around int he air and he fell in love with plastic bags.(I think it was American Beauty)



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