Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Was Long Overdue...

It's been a while since I have a good "Night on the Town" story; hence the title of this post. It's been nothing but sightseeing and interesting ground-shaking events. But now I have the material to return to the stories that truly interest you. So, submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society I call this story "The Mystery of the Missed Mass Transit System."

My roommate Andrew informs me on Saturday morning that some friends are getting together to celebrate a NOVA teacher's resignation. Interested, considering how long it has been since I've been out for a night on the town, I ask where the festivities are taking place. The area in question is Yokosuke, a seedy little chunk of concrete that houses the large American Naval Base. So you can assume what kind of characters loiter around that area: American navy assholes, whores who are interested in some shore leave fun, and innocent Japanese citizens who look at every foreign person with a look of utter and morbid disgust, no matter what nationality they may be. "Of course I'm in!" I say. Oh, the red light is going off people! But I just threw on my sunglasses and ignored it. Stupid man...

My teaching shift ends at 6:30 and I begin the trek back home. Once I get there I find Andrew changing. He's running very late, which is fairly normal for Andrew's internal clock, but he manages to leave before I finish my Ichiban and change into my Trogdor shirt. I get on the train and arrive at Yokosuke to find the most disgusting piece of Yokohama ever! It's riddled with filth and garbage! And that's just the people! Ugh, this is going to get ugly. But not as ugly as that girl standing by the Naval Base gate. Ew... So Andrew gives me a ring and tells me that he's gonna come and pick me up cause finding the place is a little difficult. After a quick walk we arrive to a packed house full of drunk NOVA teachers and drunk NOVA students. Jeff, the leaving teacher, is very popular and the festivities are well into the third circle of Party Hell: Nicely drunk and rapidly getting drunker. Unfortunately, Andrew and I will not be joining that circle of Party Hell because last call just went off and we don't have time to grab a beer. So while everyone is saying their goodbyes Andrew and I tip out the door and grab a Chu Hi. Chu Hi is a Lemon and Vodka mixed drink that they sell in tall boy cans in convenience stores. 200 Yen for 7%. Better than beer!

Outside, we are joined by Alex, Andrew's friend and a very cool guy. He joins us in a Chu Hi and tells us that everyone is going to Morrigan's, an Irish Pub that is half price on the 15th of every month. "Why the 15th?" you may be asking. Well, let me tell you! The 15th is the NOVA payday. This bar has so much NOVA teacher clientel that he had put half price day on freakin' payday! What the heck have I gotten myself into in which the teachers need to drown their sorrows away the MINUTE they get paid. Anyways, we head to the pub and I run into Mia and Kat, two of my friends that I met through working at different branches. They are pretty cool to hang around with and they are happy we've brought more people with us.

Several beers pass and I am wondering when the last train back home is leaving. Andrew has said that he is definately catching the last train so I am gonna depend on him. Stupid man... Andrew forgets to tell me that since it is Sunday the last train is about an hour gone. Shit! I don't want an all-nighter cause I hate working exhausted. Mia and Kat are also interested in getting the hell out of Dodge since we have drifted into the 6th circle of Party Hell: Stop This Train I Wanna Get Off! Mia heads to an ATM while I tell Andrew that I'm heading in a cab. He's not interested in heading home so it's just me and the two ladies. I then head to the ATM with Kat and I slip into Western Don when I use this ATM. The instinct arose to simply push "Withdrawl Dollars" which gave me $60 American. I now have $60 American in freakin' Japan! Damn you American Navy! That's no good to me. Now I have to rely on the girls to pay for the taxi ride, which comes out to 25 bucks person. Remind me not to miss that last train!

We all struggle to get up the hill to my apartment, I set out the extra fouton and blankets in the living room and head to bed. What a night. 7th circle of Party Hell: The Party's Over But My Head Is Still Rockin' Out. Damn you Yokosuke!


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew's Fun Fun Fun Japanese Stastics Fact #32-a-6-7b: In the West, many groups have blamed violent media for the rise in aggressive acts by children and adults.

I guess Japanese children are just different, filled with desire to follow the rules because of decapitation tentacle porn. Given Japan exponentially lower rates of violent crime, sexual or otherwise, this is the only possible explination.


At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn Don, all I did last night was eat a swiss mushroom burger while driving, actually Eugenia fed me, in the rain and then proceeded to let her drive home.....Haha! I know not nearly as crazy a night as you had! So lessons to be learned: Don't rely on Andrew (sorry Andrew), and don't hit the dollars button! nor should you eat a swiss mushroom burger while driving in the rain and lauhging:-) Always good things to be learned during a night of drinking on foreign countires....

~ Jessica~

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to go to a bar where they have half price day on pay-day. I would feel like a celebrity. Actually I would like to go to a bar that had half price anyday, that seems pretty damn sweet.

I had a ridiculous night on Thursday. It was rookie night and I was tanked. I have two mysterious bruises on my leg and I lost my phone in the bar and then found it again. I also switched clothes with my rookie.

Proof that you can be crazy in Canada too.


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