Saturday, September 16, 2006

Interesting Tidbits That I Never Knew #2

1. The best sushi back in Canada is nowhere near the worst sushi found in convenience stores here in Japan. Nothing like eating a food in its originating country.

2. English instructors are ranked in popularity with doctors and lawyers in Japan. Students respect and idolize their language instructors to the point of sick obsession. Many NOVA students will travel up to 30 minutes extra to a specific school in order to have lessons from their favourite teachers. The double-edged sword is that if a language instructor says or does something to make a student lose respect and admiration in a student, the world will know that fact. Beware of the obsessed fans!

3. It's the little language differences that will really make you frustrated. While it is difficult to order a meal in a restaurant, you can always point at dishes and pictures to order. When you receive a "Mail Failed To Be Delivered. Go To Nearest Post Office" letter in your mailbox and it holds the directions to the post office, that's what'll really make you frustrated!

4. Bread is very weird in Japan. There are many different sizes of slices, brands, flavours and, worst of all, textures. To find an ideal bread for PB&J sangwiches is a task in itself. Scour as many grocery stores as you can until you find that ideal loaf. Don's Count: 4 stores.

5. 100 Yen Shops (equivalent to the Canadian Dollar Store) are stocked with more than just trinkets and cheap doohickeys. Some shops sell clothes (white t-shirts, ties, socks, etc...), every kitchen utensil under the sun, and interesting food stuffs, to say the least.

6. Do not skimp of nostalgia food. Though buying the no-name brand Oreos the taste is nowhere near the same. If you are looking for that taste of home send that extra couple of bucks and get yourself a massive box of real Oreos or Ritz crackers. You'll thank me when you do.


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My days now begin like this: Breakfast, Check if Don has updated his blog, becasue I miss him so much and I need my Don Fix (sort of feel like a junkie), check for Andrew's new tips becasue I love them, gym, work....not a bad day eh?

Don I would send you bread but it would be all moldy and such :-(


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew's Pedanitc Japan Tip #005: When purusing Japanese bars, remember to look for signs on the door that, usually in rude, broken English, forbid foreigners. These signs are usually spotted on bars near American military bases(Coincidence?), and the owners are quite serious in their segragation. Though some English, American and Canadian ex-pats have been working with these bars in an attempt to have these signs removed, they still exist. These places are rarely worth the trouble.



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