Monday, September 04, 2006

The Final Canadian Entry

The summer has passed us all by. No matter what you were doing the comments are always the same: "Time flies by, doesn't it?" What that means for me is that Japan is no longer a distant date on a calendar or an unrealized apartment blueprint or a pile of Yen sitting in an envelope; Japan has become a reality. And this new reality begins tomorrow at 6:30 AM (5:30 AM Dryden Time). With this new reality comes the closing of a chapter in the Big Book of Don. Another Phase of life, as someone so eloquently put it. And I thought that I would send my best wishes to all of those who read this.

To The Family - A year will fly by. Trust me. I'll be home before you know it. Thanks for all of the support. I could not have done this without you.

To Jessica - Red Lobster will be there in a year. And you better believe that come Sept. 2007 I'll be needing some crab legs.

To Heidi - As the only other Alumni on my list you know the odd feeling of not going back to school. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just different. Keep in touch and enjoy the West Coast.

To Mike, Liz, Kristen, John and Steph - Enjoy the fine province of Alberta. If the economic boom is still alive and kicking once I get back, who knows, you might see more of me. Liz and John congradulations! If only the wedding were one month later I could guarentee my attendance, but we will have to see how August looks. Expect that toaster! Mikey boy, if you blow something up at Halliburton it's cause you didn't pay attention in Grade 10 science. Don't get me wrong, neither did I, but you're the one with the chemicals! Kristen, have fun in the E.R., I'm sure you'll save many lives...unlike that one trip out to your many body parts! Steph, that was one step in the right direction, you are the queen of independence now!

To All Those Still At York - You lucky bastards! Still in that 'carefree' mode. I'm envious. Enjoy it despite the classes and those still there Sept. 2007 will expect a visit when I fly in.

To Everyone In Stong - Stong has been my home for 3 amazing years. Keep it at the same level of spirit and enjoyability as prior years, cause like a great bottle of wine, Stong does get better with age. I had more fun in my last year than the year prior. Funny how that happens. So, enjoy it and don't take it for granted.

To Nicole - I know it's a whole different world now that res is missing some key figures but you'll survive. I want to hear/read/see that first water polo goal! And remember: "nothing bonds two businessmen together more than one of them finding the other hungover with a hooker in their bed the next morning." I really need those seasons...
To Rachel, Cory, Andrew, and the Stong Players - Don't know if you'll get my phone number or not! That would be the ultimate prank! I want to hear about a reunion.

To Ainsley - Interesting summer, wasn't it? What's happened has happened. I'm glad we've gotten past it and have gotten to where we are now. Remember, don't let Kevin drink in the stairwell!


To Lisa - The bitterness stage, while fun, is fleeting. But if you ever need the urge to vent again, check the time zones and I'll try to find a coffee place with internet access so we can have another bitter little chat.

To Denise and Jill - I swear next September I'll come to Waterloo and visit! Promise! Don't break my legs!

To Ruby, Poonam, Mark and Michelle - Scrabble in intercontinental. Webcams and microphones are cheap. But having Don and Poonam kick your ass when half the team is not even on the same continent is a story that will never leave you. Time and a place, people, that's all I need. Right Poonam?! DAMN RIGHT!

To Anna and Chris - No idea if you read this cause I haven't heard from either of you in a while but The Clique will live on in Japan. Enjoy that new nephew and good luck in September with school, whether attending or teaching!

To Travis and Deanna - Good luck relocating. You better send off that address soon so I can send you crazy Japanese stuff! "Bring on the piss!"

To Everyone - Have a great year! You will all be sorely missed, especially when I'm the only one in a ten-block radius who knows a hint of English and I need to find a bathroom. Have a great year and don't go doing anything drastic that would force me to have to fly back and bitch slap some sense back into your head. Got it? Good!

I will see everyone in a year. Take care


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was mentioned by name. I don't...I don't know what to say...I...

Excuse me.


~ Andrew

Andrew's Pedantic Japan Tip #002: Vist Akihabara at least once. It is the world tech geek mecha. It has the gadgets that will show up in North America five years from now, today. Be on the lookout for bootleg DVDs. Don't support piracy.

At 8:03 AM, Blogger Anna said...

Although we do not chat nearly as much as we did back at York - I think of you often =) I hope things are well and your enjoying yourself...keep in touch!!!
Miss ya,


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