Monday, August 21, 2006

Let The Packing Begin!

As the days pass by on the Get Fuzzy comic-a-day calendar sitting beside the monolith that is my DVD shelf, I realize that packing what I need and want to bring to Japan. Here's the deal: I will be flying into Japan's Narita Airport and will travel to Yokohama via train, which means that my luggage will be sent to my apartment by a courier paid for by the company I'm working for (nice people, I tells ya!) There are restrictions placed on my luggage: I can only have two pieces of luggage that are under 55 pounds. Any more than 55 pounds I incur all costs. Not exactly the way I want to start my journey, paying out the nose just to deliver my hilarious Nintendo T-shirts. Also, shipping some of my more important necessities, like clothes, to my place is not exactly an option. Dryden to Yokohama is about two months worth of sea shipping (take notes people! If you want to send me a Christmas gift, you better ship it in October) so I kinda need to have everything right off the bat. You see my problem...

Taking all of this into consideration, I need to start packing and weighing now. I've already started combining things, like taking the movies I want to bring and putting them into a large CD binder, but I haven't really started on the clothes. I've limited myself to 5 books, 5 large books mind you, but only 5. I've got the Gameboy and a few games tucked away in its carrying case along with my important document storage case. Pictures will be coming with me but most of them are already cut up and in large collages. I'm going to print off a few at Wal-Mart but I still need to pick and choose. You can see how ridiculous this is getting. I need to start packing and I need to start packing now.

I know what you're thinking: "Wow, this entry was boring!" Hey, there's only a few weeks left and I've got nothing better to do! But what this entry is trying to do is illicit comments. If you have any ideas on what I should bring to Japan, throw them out there. I'm gonna need help on this one.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Jessica said...

I think you should bring:
1 sweater
Three - the book
A How to speak Japanese book
Slippers because its custom in Japan to wear them in the house
Toothpaste in case they don't have the same one you use (you can never be too careful)


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