Sunday, August 27, 2006

Everything Changes...

I received a call on Friday stating that another school in Japan had a bigger need for teachers therefore I am being moved to a different apartment. That big, long entry about the first apartment (the American, the Aussie, the fighting over the big room, the address) ignore it. Here's the new story.

I will be living with an American and a Brit. The American has been there since June of 2005, which means if he doesn't know the lay of the land he's quite the homebody! The Brit moved in this June so the fighting over rooms is non-existant. I will be getting whatever's left. The joy of that, though, is that this new apartment's smallest room is bigger than two of the other rooms in the previous apartment. There is a downside, though, since this new apartment, on paper, looks much smaller than the first apartment. Here's the new address:

Kasahara 2f
2-19-42 Okubo


At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yokohama is near Kamakura, and they have some bitchin' shrines there. Make a pligramige, and be at peace with the Shinto spirits.

Andrew's Pedantic Japan Tip #001: When visiting a temple, water will be provided near the entrence. Hand washing is obvious, but don't forget to rinse out your mouth! Just don't swallow the water, or spit it back into the original container. They have a bucket/container/spitoon for that.

~ Andrew


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