Monday, July 31, 2006

Japan Phrase #1: "awa o sukoshi dake kudasai"

The phrase in the title of this entry is one given by a Living in Japan website. In Japan there are many different brands of beer, and even two different styles, one pricey, one cheap. It seems that Japanese bartenders tend to put alot of head on the pricey beer to save on costs, so if you ever find yourself in a Japanese bar and the bartender's trying to screw you over just say "awa o sukoshi dake kudasai," which translates to "Please, not alot of foam." Take that Japanese bartenders! Don knows how to run your bar tabs up like mad!

While I am still a ways away from leaving Canada for Japan I still intend to update this blog when big events happen. Booking the flight is, in my mind, worthy enough to warrent an entry. So, I receive the email informing me that it is time to book the flight to Japan. Considering the costs to travel from the airport in Tokyo and my complete inability to navigate foreign countries (I'm just asuming that considering I haven't been to a foreign country) I have to book with the Nova Group to travel on the group flight. This means that whatever price they give me for my one-way ticket, I'm stuck paying it. I book the flight that originates in Thunder Bay, travels to Toronto, Vancouver and ends up in Tokyo. And I wait for the price, fearing that my credit card is soon going to get out of my wallet and kick me in the testicles. What I got was an extremely pleasant surprise! $1060.00 as opposed to the standard $2500+ one way. Incredible! I'm not going to be too much in debt once I get over there! Life is good!

Now that I have sent off all of my flight info to the Nova Group for flight confirmation I am just waiting for where I will be at. Once that info comes in, I'll be going nuts with research and analysis to see how this location is going to work out for me. And once I know you, the loyal reader, will know. So please, read on and hope for a great location. Something with alot to write about.


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