Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Japan Fact #1: "I don't have one cause I'm not there!" - Donald Ames

And so begins the highly anticipated, hugely epic "Land of the Rising Don: A Japanese Saga" Like the title? I know I do! It's cause I created it, that's why! But that's neither here nor there. This is the inaugural edition of my documentation of the entire Japan experience. I'm still not too sure how much internet access I will have in Japan but I'm hoping that this will be kept extremely constant. For now, however, I am documenting what has happened so far and what is to soon come.

I've decided to begin this documentation of the entire event due to the fact that I have just received my official flight date. September 5th, 2006 I will be leaving Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada. The next day, September 6th, I will be on foreign soil after touching down in Tokyo, Japan. I'm not sure yet if this is my final destination but I can only hope! Though I don't really have a preference to where I go in Japan (come on, it's freakin' Japan!) living in the big city of Tokyo would be an incredible experience. Plus, it'll make unknown variables such as internet, cuisine and all those important ones so much easier with tons of variety and the possibility of finding more English-speaking people. So yeah, Sept. 5th. Mark it on your calendar as the day in which all that is good and sacred in your life will leave you for a full year. But that's just a physical seperation. Constant communication is definately going to be there. If you are ever feeling lonely and need a little Don in your geography, just grab a bean bag chair and mush it around a bit. That'll fill in for me perfectly!

Since I am now starting to get into Japan-mode while still being stuck in Northwestern Ontario, I've decided to start documenting some of the pros and cons of this trip. Let's see...

- I'll be travelling to a foreign land
- I'll get to experience Japanese culture
- Nothing beats sushi from its originating source
- I love the show Iron Chef
- Seizure-inducing cartoons

- I'll be leaving Canada, my home for 24 years
- I'll be leaving great family and friends
- I'll be leaving a great relationship
- No new Survivor episodes for a year
- Eating with sticks is difficult for me right now
- Language barrier will be difficult to overcome at first

It's shaping up to be an interesting experience! Stay tuned for more at both my My MSN Space site and my blogger.com site, landoftherisingdon.



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